On the Look-out for Awesome Knitting Patterns!

On the Look-out for Awesome Knitting Patterns!

April 29, 2010 1 comments Handmade, Inspiration

I have yarn baskets that are absolutely over flowing with wonderful yarn (my cat will confirm this ^_^ )  which means that I need to get a new project on the go!  So I’ve been looking high & low for some inspiring patterns across the inter tubes.  I’m thinking I’m going to attempt the key cozies.  Hope you enjoy the round-up!

Totoro Mittens on Ravelry:

Katamari Ear Muffs on Ravelry:

Awesome Socks on Ravelry:

Knitted Key Cozies (Image found on Flickr):

Knitted Beer Cozies:

Link to beer can Pattern here

Awesome slouchy hat on Ravelry:

Day of the Tentacle Figures: No pattern unfortunately and I think these ones are crocheted.  But super cool anyways.

Book Jacket Pattern found on Ravelry:

A Type-Filled Sunday

April 19, 2010 0 comments Handmade, Process, Typography

In order to unwind & get ready for the week ahead, I spent some time doing some handmade type on Sunday, for a display for some of my work coming up at an exhibition in Chinatown and for Vincent’s relatives in Amsterdam.  Stay tuned for more!

Shameless Self Promotion

April 19, 2010 1 comments Handmade, Process, Upcycle

For one reason or another, I collect random pieces of paper.  I bought a paper cutter a while ago & got a stamp made with my logo on it.   I started  cutting pieces of paper up for one reason or another and found myself putting my logo & contact info on them.  My random pieces of paper collection had been building up pretty much since I moved out to Vancouver 3 or so years ago & it was pretty precious (maybe too precious) to me.  It was such a good feeling to take out all those papers that I had grown pretty fond of and cut them up.  It’s also a pretty cool alternative to having to go to the printers & print out a minimum of 7 bajillion cards that I probably won’t distribute entirely, with contact information that will probably change.  I like that this method is a lot less set in stone and can work in lots of different places.   Plus it’s fun !  there are all kinds of different results after each one – different papers and different alignment yield different results.  Hooray!

Oh and this photo was taken on my iPhone with the CrossProcess app.  I’ve been pretty addicted to the Hipstomatic app – mostly out of accessibility (I always have my iPhone on me) – but this one’s kind of fun too because you can get bigger photos (the Hipstomatic one crops some of the image) … although, I have this feeling that in about 2 months, all of these holga-y apps may start to be kind of lame.

Know Your Sweater: Bohus Stickning

April 14, 2010 2 comments Handmade, Inspiration

I was super excited to learn about the  beginnings of Bohus Stickning  in Knitting Traditions Magazine .

The brains behind the patterns is Vienna-born Emma Jacobsson.  With a degree in the visual arts and a PhD in Botany, she had an interest in the handicrafts, but she upset her father when she went into botany, as he felt that she should be doing something more “womanly.”  Little did he know that during the great depression in the 1930s, she would be called upon by a group of women from Bohuslän, a southwestern province in Sweden, to start a business together.   She was largely responsible for the designs and patterns themselves, based on historic textiles, including Peruvian weavings and Chinese textiles, as well as motifs found in nature.  She was known for her high standards, precise recordkeeping, and effective marketing techniques.

Bohus Stickning was born in 1939 and lasted until 1969.

Jacobbsson died in her 90s and all who attended her funeral wore her famous sweaters.

To read more about Bohus Stickning, here are some awesome books on the subject.  Photos found on Flickr: shutterhoney & cherylfrancis

Steve Powers Video

April 7, 2010 3 comments Inspiration, Typography

I’ve been following Steve Powers’ awesome graffiti for a while now and really glad to see this video.   Love his ideas on community:

“[...]What you need to know is, love exists here [...] If you let the city give, and nurture you, you have a responsibility to give back.”  amen.

Happy Spring Time, World!

April 6, 2010 0 comments Out And About

And what better way to celebrate spring time, than starting a new blog!

{Images from China Town & Beyond!}

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