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Post-World War II Idealism: Where Do We Go From Here?

August 16, 2010 0 comments Illustration, Inspiration, Out And About

“First came the Ice Age, then the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Industrial Age.  Now we are entering the Ideological Age.”

I came across this wonderful find, “Where Do We Go From Here?” at MacLeod’s Books and couldn’t help but post it for more to see.  I’m not exactly sure  when it was published, but my best guess is that it was some time after 1945 (just after WW II).

The Ideological Age is an age where Absolute Honesty, Absolute Purity, Absolute Unselfishness, and Absolute Love will rule all.  It reads like a children’s book, and I really recommend atleast just skimming the pages, it’s a really great example of Post-War Idealism.

Below are some scans of the original pages, and I’ve scanned all 63 pages and made a PDF for all to see – check it out!

Awesome iPad App: Annamika

August 1, 2010 0 comments Design, Inspiration, Nibbler

A glorious iPad app, Annamika (found by my bro and dad) – will make any image / photograph into a kaleidoscope. Below are some images myself and Vincentpants created with the program. Photos are of  origami, bicycles, my cat Nibbler, and other photos I had on my computer. WARNING:  there are some creepy float-y objects in some!

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