Our Place on Re-Nest!

Our Place on Re-Nest!

November 17, 2010 0 comments Design

I recently submitted an application to Re-Nest and wrote a bit about our place.  Check it out!

Be Something Real

November 15, 2010 0 comments Inspiration, Out And About

Graffiti in Railtown

Awesome illustrations from Draw By Night (sorry, I don’t know who did any of these so I can’t give any credit)

Things I Learned at Mending Night

November 10, 2010 0 comments Process, Upcycle

I’ve managed to get more wears out of my jeans than any mending job I’ve ever done.  Thanks to all who came!

1)  Always patch up a hole with the same material that that item is made of.  Deciding that these jeans were worn out beyond repair, I cut them up to use as patches in my other pants.

2)  Line up the grain (match up the direction of the lines on the jean fabric)

3)  If you want to just patch up a hole, put the patch on the inside and stitch on the outside.  Don’t be afraid to remove the pocket with a seam ripper if you want it to be really professional.  It’s easy to sew back on.

5)  Stitch around your patch.  Do it twice, within about a centimetre of each one.  Trim off any excess fabric from the patch.

6)   Go back and forth with a single stitch that looks like a zig zag  through the rip.  It’ll ensure reinforcement.

7)  It’s more fun to mend with friends !

On a side note, oak leaves dye wool wonderfully!

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