The Divided Brain

The Divided Brain

October 25, 2011 0 comments Design

Just finished watching this In this new RSAnimate where Iain McGilchrist explains how our ‘divided brain’ has profoundly altered human behaviour, culture and society. (I recommend viewing it at full size and pausing it to read some of the captions, they’re worth reading

While I was watching it, Vincent overheard me and told me to re-watch this. Really illuminates what’s happening.

David Suzuki is Awesome

October 24, 2011 0 comments Inspiration, Out And About


On Saturday, I heard David Suzuki speak at Occupy Vancouver. Here’s a video of his talk:

on #Occupy (in Vancouver)

For me, the occupy movement is about ‘ecos’, the greek word for ‘household’ or ‘domain’. It’s about defining our place in community, in the state, in the nation, and in the biosphere. What is our home? And how do we live in it sustainably, with opportunity, and meaning, and happiness as our highest asperations. The word ‘ecos’ is home; ‘ecology’ is the study of home; ‘economics’ is its management. But we elevate economy above ecology.

in Montreal

In 1972 Comparing Humans to Maggots:

David Suzuki is the shit.

Richard Feynman on Beauty, Honour and Curiosity

October 15, 2011 0 comments Inspiration

“Science and knowledge only add to the excitement, mystery and awe of a flower.”

“The prize is the pleasure of finding things out … the honours are unreal to me.”

“[Made-up tales about the story of the earth] were wonderful stories, but the truth is so much more remarkable.”

Jam Jar Natural Dyeing Session

October 5, 2011 0 comments Out And About, Process

This summer,  myself and some friends led a natural dye community workshop at the Means of Production Community Artist Garden. We walked through the garden, identified plants that could be dyed, and dyed some wool with jam jars, soaking in the sun. Big thanks to Sharon Kallis for setting this up!

All of these materials have been dyed naturally (not on this day, though). Some blackberry, indigo, woad, tansy, onion skins …

Check out more photos on my flickr feed.

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