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July 13, 2011 0 comments Inspiration

Here’s a round-up of some fun hacks that I’ve seen around the intertubes in the past few weeks.

DIY Cargo Bike:

I haven’t seen a DIY cargo bike solution quite like this before. I love its use of re-purposed (hopefully not stolen) materials. I hope that anyone that decides to put this one together does a few test runs before taking it to the streets. As seen on Instructables. Tips even include how to attach a brake mechanism!

Shopping Cart Bike via LikeCool

Frankensteinax Camera:

made by AM RADIO … and it works!!!! I’ve always wanted to see figure out how to hack old cameras and add a digital interface – so that it would still be usable. I never even considered just strapping an old camera over your digital camera lens.

via Craft Magazine

Moss Typography Graffiti:

Apartment Therapy has a DIY tutorial on how to make your own moss and apply it too.

Moss Graffiti – via Apartment Therapy

Dresses as lanterns … in trees!

Dress Lanterns via Dana Bird (Original Source unknown)

Superhero Garden Gnomes

This … is … awesome …

Superhero Garden Gnomes via Craft Magazine

Poetry Bombing:

Agustina Woodgate has been going into thrift stores and secretly sewing poems inside clothes.

via Booooom

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