On the Look-out for Awesome Knitting Patterns!

April 29, 2010 1 comments Handmade, Inspiration

I have yarn baskets that are absolutely over flowing with wonderful yarn (my cat will confirm this ^_^ )  which means that I need to get a new project on the go!  So I’ve been looking high & low for some inspiring patterns across the inter tubes.  I’m thinking I’m going to attempt the key cozies.  Hope you enjoy the round-up!

Totoro Mittens on Ravelry:

Katamari Ear Muffs on Ravelry:

Awesome Socks on Ravelry:

Knitted Key Cozies (Image found on Flickr):

Knitted Beer Cozies:

Link to beer can Pattern here

Awesome slouchy hat on Ravelry:

Day of the Tentacle Figures: No pattern unfortunately and I think these ones are crocheted.  But super cool anyways.

Book Jacket Pattern found on Ravelry:


  • Vincent July 18, 2010 at 8:45 AM |

    This is amazing! My favourite is Day of the Tentacle! !!

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