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April 19, 2010 1 comments Handmade, Process, Upcycle

For one reason or another, I collect random pieces of paper.  I bought a paper cutter a while ago & got a stamp made with my logo on it.   I started  cutting pieces of paper up for one reason or another and found myself putting my logo & contact info on them.  My random pieces of paper collection had been building up pretty much since I moved out to Vancouver 3 or so years ago & it was pretty precious (maybe too precious) to me.  It was such a good feeling to take out all those papers that I had grown pretty fond of and cut them up.  It’s also a pretty cool alternative to having to go to the printers & print out a minimum of 7 bajillion cards that I probably won’t distribute entirely, with contact information that will probably change.  I like that this method is a lot less set in stone and can work in lots of different places.   Plus it’s fun !  there are all kinds of different results after each one – different papers and different alignment yield different results.  Hooray!

Oh and this photo was taken on my iPhone with the CrossProcess app.  I’ve been pretty addicted to the Hipstomatic app – mostly out of accessibility (I always have my iPhone on me) – but this one’s kind of fun too because you can get bigger photos (the Hipstomatic one crops some of the image) … although, I have this feeling that in about 2 months, all of these holga-y apps may start to be kind of lame.


  • Morgan May 13, 2010 at 9:27 AM |

    Cool concept Emily! I messed around with using a stamp a while back, but it wasn’t as effective since I used it with a standard paper not a lovely random collection. Nice!

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